Informatie Vlaanderen:

Flanders is connected


What we did

The Flanders Information Agency (Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen) is responsible for digitising the Government of Flanders. The government agency wanted to raise its public profile, differentiate itself from other government players in the digital field, and position itself as the Flemish government’s engine for digitisation.


Flanders connected

To position the Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen as leading the digitisation of the Government of Flanders and to tell the broader story, we identified its USP’s as a government agency and translated this into an engaging baseline “Flanders is connected” and a storytelling animated video.

During an entire year we planned different press moments to introduce the agency to the outside world and get its messages across to general news and IT specialised media. Internally we developed an integrated communication methodology to structure and clarify the agency’s key messages.

What our client got

A clear, differentiated positioning for the agency. First coverage for the agency in general and IT-specialised media. And, for the first time, an effective approach to internal communication.