Knokke-Heist: #100 free hotel



What we did

Knokke-Heist is a popular coastal destination during the summer months. In the high season the hotels are fully booked, but winter is much more challenging. Tourism Knokke Heist wanted to encourage its visitors to repeat their coastal trip during wintertime, and youEngine took up the challenge.   


100 free hotel stays

youEngine set up a fully automated direct marketing campaign to highlight Knokke-Heist as a holiday destination during the winter, addressing both domestic and foreign tourists. The vast beaches, art galleries, shops and gastronomic delights ware positioned as worth a visit even on cold days.   

Tourism Knokke-Heist and Visit Knokke-Heist (association of hotel owners) joined forces for this campaign. In the online contest, 100 free hotel nights in Knokke-Heist during the winter could be won.

The contest was fully automated. Participants could compete via social media or directly through the website. A landing page was available in 4 languages (Dutch, French, German, English). Those sharing the contest in their own network got extra chances to win an overnight stay in a marvellous Knokke-Heist hotel. Each participant non-winner afterwards received an opportunity to book a hotel room in the city at half price.

What the client got

The contest was highly successful, with more than 6,000 people participating.