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Knokke-Heist: Young at heart


what we did

For years, Knokke-Heist has been Belgium’s most elegant and highest quality coastal destination. As the main tourist attraction on the Belgian coast, the city is overcrowded in the summer. But during the low season, 9 months out of 12, it´s a slightly different story. Tourism Knokke-Heist wanted to promote its top-quality products and services on a year-round basis, targeting younger audiences.


Tourism Knokke-Heist community

To tell Knokke-Heist’s story during the low season, we identified its main points of attraction (other than its sandy beaches) as being: art, gastronomy, shopping, sports and its nature reserve. By generating compelling content around each of these attractions, we developed Tourism Knokke Heist’s community on Facebook. Innovative offline events such as De Hazenjacht and Magritte attracted new visitors to Knokke-Heist’s social media, fuelling the website with compelling new content and generating highly appreciated newsletters that have been sent to existing and new media outlets.

What the client got

In 3 years we have developed a Tourism Knokke-Heist community on Facebook from zero to more than 20,000 followers. Tourism Knokke-Heist today reaches 200,000 to 300,000 young-at-heart people on social media each month, even during the low season. Posts on Facebook and Instagram generate high engagement with followers.