Belgocatering: Agriculture Day


What we did

Belgocatering offers premium catering and hospitality solutions to companies. For years Belgocatering has been following a “from farm to fork” philosophy: their interest in sustainable and local products is a core value.   

To make their positioning more explicit to customers and press, we organised a Belgocatering Agriculture Day during the Agriculture Week in September. Invitees could see their local suppliers with their own eyes, hear their passionate stories and taste all the delicacies that Belgocatering has to offer. The trip was organised as the launch of Belgocatering’s “Enjoying the rhythm of nature” campaign in 25 company restaurants throughout Belgium.


Culinairy roadtrip

We visited 5 different local farmers, all sustainable Belgocatering partners, inviting a selection of food bloggers and journalists, along with Belgocatering clients. The day lasted from breakfast to dinner and gave farmers the opportunity to express their passion about their business and the products Belgocatering serves in their restaurants.

What our client got

During the day, various bloggers posted live reports on their blogs. The enthusiasm of the journalists resulted in articles in lifestyle media such as Libelle.