Motorola One BOOS(T)EVENT


what we did

Lenovo/Motorola is a Fortune Global 500 company with a footprint accross 180 markets and diversified business. For the launch of the new Motorole One to lifestyle media and influencers in Belgium, we have created a Motorola One Boost-event, demonstrating the added value of this newcomer in the market: a unique Android One experience with features people are really looking for.  



Motorola One and Android one allows us to boost day tot day life thanks to features as TurboPower charging and unlimited photo storage. “Boost-recharge-unlimited” that was the message our client wanted to spread to lifestyle media and influencers. Our job was creating that message. To reinforce this we organized a bootcamp event with an engaging demonstration, experience and a BOOST workshop for body and mind.  

What our client got