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Diageo: Learning For Life


Learning for Life is another Diageo key CSR programme. It is designed to inspire and transform the lives of young people between the ages of 18 and 30. With a focus on adult education, the programme is implemented in Belgium and the Netherlands with local educational, government and training organisations like Horeca Vorming Vlaanderen (BE), VDAB (BE) and ISAAC (NL). Learning for Life provides tools and skills in different key areas related to Diageo’s industry and value chain. In Belgium and the Netherlands we focus on bartending and retail.

What we did


Transforming lives through education

In the meantime, Diageo has trained more than 20 people in the Benelux as bartender through Learning for Life, with education programmes in Antwerp, Ghent and Amsterdam. This year the programme will also be conducted in Ostend and Rotterdam.

In addition to looking for partners to support the trainings, youEngine communicates with the press and government stakeholders about the added value of this educational programme. We attract press attention through press releases and interviews with trainers and trainees. Government stakeholders are invited to graduation ceremonies in their local cities.

What our client got

We achieved national and local coverage in print, online, on radio and television. We strengthened relationships between Diageo Corporate Relations and key government stakeholders.