Diageo: Join The Pact


What we did

Diageo is the worldwide leader in alcoholic beverages, with a wide portfolio of spirits in Belgium and the Netherlands. Brands include Johnnie Walker, J&B, Smirnoff, Baileys and Tanqueray. Its ambition is to be recognised as the most respected and trusted consumer goods company in the world, so the company invests heavily in CSR programmes to educate consumers and all stakeholders in society on moderate and responsible drinking. Because Johnnie Walker is committed to responsible drinking, they created Join the Pact. Everybody can make their online pledge to join two-time Formula 1 World Drivers’ Champion Mika Hakkinen in saying yes to ‘never drink & drive’. Just click a button on the JTP website and it’s done.

youEngine went along for the Joint the Pact ride by activating the campaign in Belgium and the Netherlands ahead of the Johnnie Walker Belgian Grand Prix in Spa-Francorchamps.


Join The Pact

To get the message across in Belgium and the Netherlands, we engaged influencers Sven Nys, Maria Del Rio, Elodie Ouedraogo and Gwen Van Poorten as local Join the Pact ambassadors. One day ahead of the Formula 1 event, Mika Hakkinen invited his local ambassadors for a hot lap in his personal McLaren Senna on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, demonstrating that, whatever circumstances you may find yourself in, you always have to stay in control of your vehicle.

Along with these local ambassadors, we invited a selection of TV journalists and camera crews to witness the event and report on it in the evening news. We attracted the attention of the lifestyle and other news media by sending a press release and photos of the activation. International and local Join the Pact ambassadors testified in more than 50 posts on their own social media channels. They invited their followers to pledge to ‘never drink & drive’ on their personal link to the Join the Pact website.

What our client got

In 2018, the enthusiasm of the journalists resulted in 17 press articles, 95% with the Join the Pact call to action. Through social media and directly on the website 39,000 people pledged to never drink and drive. Total reach of the press and social media campaign amounted to 575,000 people. Total PR value of the campaign was estimated at €250,000.